"your safety is our business"

Alan F Cox

Fire and Safety Consultants


We provide a cost effective fire and safety service to both small and large companies in the UK.

We do this by working with you and understanding your business needs and constraints in order to provide the most cost effective solutions that will allow you to meet your statutory requirements with minimal disruption to your company.

The solutions that we provide have been found to meet the needs of many organisations and companies both large and small but in case you have very specific needs we will research the best solutions for you and discuss any implications with you.


Providing fire and safety solutions to industry and commerce is not simply a matter of opening the relevant guidance and trying to make it fit your particular situation - it is about observing and identifying your problems, assessing the risks and providing solutions that are both cost effective and will work in your situation and business.

Many of the decisions affecting fire and safety are now made in the EU and Alan sits on the following European / International Working Groups:

CEN/CENELEC TC 4 -  Services for Fire Safety and Security Systems.

ISO TC 92. WG8 Fire Terms and Definitions

CEN/CENELEC TC431 - Service Chain for Social Alarms

Alan is also a member of ANEC which is the European voice in consumer standardisation.


Alan has worked in the fire and safety industry for nearly 50 years and has gained a vast experience as both an enforcer and advisor.

He has gained a reputation for independance and for challanging accepted practice where this is not an appropriate solution. He has received many awards during his career including:

• RoSpa Safety Professional of the Year

• RoSpa Safety Officer of the Year

• FPA Trophy for Fire Safety

• Secretary of State's Quality Initiative

• Allen Brooking NHS Travel Fellowsip

Alan has also made a number of programmes with the BBC on Hotel Fire Safety including an Investigation into the Penhallow Hotel Fire.